Casting Calls

I have a ‘friend‘ who constantly seems to be competing with me, who can’t just be happy for me because they are secretly plotting my demise (not actually plotting it, probably just hoping for it). I have a ‘friend‘ who only calls me when they need help with something. I have a ‘friend‘ who only ever seems to use me for what I have. I have a ‘friend‘ who visibly cringes at the thought of my success. I have a ‘friend‘ who can barely find the time to keep me in their life, but is confused when I call our ‘friendship’ for what it is: nothing. I have many ‘friends‘ who could care less if I made Dean’s list, or got a job, or lost five pounds, or fell in love because they don’t actually give a shit about me. They don’t actually care if I am happy or not. They couldn’t even fathom the thought of “good for her” or “I am so proud of her” or “I am so happy for her.”

We are all so concerned with pleasing everyone around us. We would rather waste our time pretending to be invested in this person’s presence then to just cut them loose and do something that brings us ACTUAL happiness. It is not our job to keep ties with every person who ever entered our lives- especially those who only bring us down. How can you have a positive and fulfilling life if all you feed it is negativity? If all that you allow to enter your life is toxic, you are bound to wind up infected.

With every second, your life is passing by. This is the time where you are figuring out who you are and who you are going to be. There truly are not enough hours in the day, so you can’t grant these people the satisfaction of wasting your valuable time on them. Those people want you to fail, they want you to be so preoccupied with them that you can’t build your own successful life. With that said, vow to yourself that you won’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. Don’t live and act out of habit. Things change, people change: there is not time or room or sense for habit.

Some people are only meant to make a short appearance in the story that is your life, and that is okay. Once you accept that, and you begin to care less about what your friends think and care more about what YOU think, you will be able to truly see who belongs as a recurring cast member and who should only make a guest appearance. You’ll see who the villains are, who the heroes are, who the side kicks are, and who the hell everyone else is too. Figure out who you want to write off the show and make sure you never add the Bart Bass style plot twist of “I-was-alive-the-whole-time-and-now-I’m-back-bitchez” because chances are that if they sucked the first time, they’ll most likely suck again.

Cutting ties with those who don’t add value to your life is absolutely crucial. You need to listen to what your head is telling you and believe in your heart that everything will work out for the best. Anyone who holds you back from being better is not only unnessacary, but also unwanted. So, choose wisely when you’re casting your life because its likely to be an expensive production.

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